About Us

Here at Norton’s Carpentry and Architectural Salvage we specialize in the use of reclaimed wood in our custom carpentry projects. We aim to provide you with a one of a kind, timeless conversation starter for your home, office, or anywhere you plan to spend time with friends, family, or customers.

Norton’s Carpentry and Architectural Salvage is a family business. Its owner, Harry Norton Jr., has over a decade of experience as a carpenter which has generated an extensive portfolio. He had the privilege of working under multiple carpenters, contractors, and business professionals which enables him to provide a more comprehensive service to our customers. Harry’s Wife, Christie, is the Vice President of the company. She is a third generation antiquer and an artist who helps collaborate in multiple custom carpentry pieces. Together, we proudly choose each item and design each project to match your specific needs and wants. When you chose Norton’s Carpentry and Architectural Salvage you are receiving the best. Our only rule is we don’t sell or make anything we wouldn’t put in our own home.